A Parking-Lot Patch of Edible Urban Awesome.

You never really know who you will stumble across. Recently in Melbourne promoting the Urban Food Street way of suburban living we stumbled across, 'The Little Veggie Patch Co'. Located behind Federation Square, the patch is urban agricultural awesomeness right in the heart of the city.  We stopped by to have a look  last week and in the process chatted with Camilo.  They take city-related urban agriculture to a new level of aesthetic and productive delight.  Working within the constraints of the Fed Square complex the retrofit of the space is compact and simple. It really is amazing how much food can be produced from the back end of a parking lot.  Parking lots growing food for people to eat. How beautiful is that.  Using a pallet of reclaimed and recycled materials, the space has an aesthetic genre that is composed from thoughtful restraint. From raised beds to the kids cubby, if you love a productive food garden, you will want to explore. So next time you find yourself in the city of Melbourne, do yourself a favour.  Take a moment to escape the pace of the city, duck in behind the fanciful facade of Fed Square and touch base with some Urban Food Street like-minded  innovators who are incubating a different urban future right in beating heart of the city.  Not to be missed, become aquatinted with a totally  different experience of the city and explore the many opportunities that these guys have created for those who live in and use the city through co-located urban agriculture . As for us, we spent our visit delightfully chatting sustainable models of urban agriculture, the future of food and the challenges of growing in an innovative an culturally relevant manner.