Fluidity found in nature.

Group of local and international tourists walk the Urban Food Street neighbourhood

Group of local and international tourists walk the Urban Food Street neighbourhood

One of the lovely things about the URBAN FOOD STREET model is the enduring notion of fluidity. The URBAN FOOD STREET model which has never been published in the Australian context is the only model of this type in the country. Some people within the neighbourhood and the Sunshine Coast Council may assert that they know and understand the model. As a model that has never been published in its entirety, the question has to be asked. Are they ill versed in its practical application, theoretical underpinnings and ethos? Seriously, how can they know about something that has never been published as a complete document!

As a model it enables the people of this neighbourhood to enter and exit at free will. Designed in this way to ensure suburban sustainability in the neighbourhood context, residents from all over the hood have freely exercised this right time and time again over the last 8 years by entering and exiting according to life need and circumstances at any point in time. As a model it doesn't tell people what they can and can't do and when they should and shouldn't do it. This is an enduring principle of URBAN FOOD STREET™. 

As asserted to those who live in the neighbourhood repeatedly, in writing and in verge meetings over the past several weeks, URBAN FOOD STREET™ does not and has never told any one what they should or should not do. If you are a resident of this neighbourhood that received the council letters, in an action by the council that is repeatedly being questioned through public opinion as discriminatory with a capital D, personal response remains your free will. You do not have to accept representation by anyone. 

Yesterday, as cofounders we provided our response to the council via legal correspondence and in such we are not and were not represented by the neighbourhood delegation that spoke on behalf of the neighbourhood yesterday. As cofounders, we stood aside on the 10 February 2017, as an outcome of the DEPLORABLE situation that took place on that day involving a very small contingent of the neighbourhood. This was repeatedly made very clear that afternoon to the people present at that neighbourhood meeting.

We will be making no further comments at this time. We appreciate the media and public interest in this matter and will make further evidenced based statements when it is appropriate to do so.
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