Two Million Visitors

No one expected a simple video, made by ABC's Harriet Tatham, to have two million views. Not only did the success of this short one minute social-media video hit the public's curiosity spot, it also made our week, month and year.  If you haven't seen it and would like to take one minute to indulge in the URBAN FOOD STREET experience, press HERE.   These are some of our favourite comments, left on the ABC's Facebook page.

We can all (councils & residents) take a message away here, and that is to rip down our fences & engage with our communities.
— Vince Gaglioti
Waiting for Coles and Woolworths to start buying up nature strips so they can cut off this new competition.
— Marti Dobson
Come on Palmwoods. The verge on Hill St where the Community Garden is beginning has the biggest verge I’ve seen. I know some have started. It could be a corridor down to Home Grown & The Lane!
— Kay Nixon
Good to see the local council is so progressive, imagine if it were allowed everywhere.
— Sally Murphey
Excellent use of the community land for a very productive and beneficial purpose. Buderim is a leader in sustainability and is to be congratulated.
— Peter Francis McKenzie
Watch this space for a GA visit in the future . They are an awesome group and role model to anyone wanting to do this with real community outcomes. Love these folks.
— Costa Georgiadis
There are also a few streets in the inner city Sydney suburb of Marrickville where the verges are planted with fruit, veggies and herbs and the residents say the same thing: community, sharing, awareness, education etc. Their challenges are a bit different as their verges are much smaller with less green space available but the spirit is the same. Wouldn’t it be great to see this become an Australia wide movement? Good on you beautiful Buderim!
— Barbara Hodges
#BCC #BrisbaneCityCouncil look at the great community we could build between generations via sustainable living if we were allowed to build urban food community groups in Brisbane?
— Leanne Adler