Words & Images_Caroline Kemp

As the season meanders towards the hotter months of summer, we've decided to curate an anthology of the edible plants that you will find planted along the Urban Food Street verges. You can read about the anthology here

Celebrating all things wonderful we are starting with curcuma longa, aka what we all commonly know as turmeric, a health and wellness rhizome packed with so much goodness, its ridiculous.   What isn't there to love about the golden glow of this little number and all its culinary uses and health benefits?  Imagine the reward when you dig your first turmeric crop, knowing that you've planted, nurtured and harvested it and that you are eating food origins that you know, control and love.  It really isn't all that hard and we will be keeping you posted as the season unfolds via the simple visual step by step guide which we will be updating as the turmeric grows. Interested in giving it a go this season? The step by step progressive gig is here or you can find it under Plant Anthology.