Makers Collection


From street to stove, we love a story that follows the lifecycle of the produce that can be found growing on our verges. We've nicknamed the Urban Food Street verges the Street Larder, a pantry of fresh ingredients, evolving seasonally, growing organically and at the disposal of our neighbourhood.  Most of all we love the organic relationships that form when fresh,  local produce is shared and then crafted into delicious tasting food and beverage.  Nothing is more sustaining that knowing that the seasonal produce growing along the verges, is being chopped, cooked and consumed by a collective of people who love the challenge of a creative outcome.  The Street Larder is a celebration of a shared sensibility. A showcase of recipes, detailing a step by step visual guide on how to cook beautiful food using the produce that grows in our neighbourhood. 

Image snapped on location @ The Velo Project.