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We now offer a professional consultation service for those wanting to emulate the URBAN FOOD STREET™ model. This is a fee for service. You can request a consultation here.



We love to natter about the huge environmental, economic, health and aesthetic benefits of what we do at URBAN FOOD STREET™, especially as we are the only working model of this kind and size in Australia. If you are from the media and would like to talk to us about an URBAN FOOD STREET™ story you can contact us either via the URBAN FOOD STREET™ Facebook page or via our email, urbanfoodstreet@gmail.com. Both icons are at the bottom of this page.  Life is busy. We love it most of all when you give us at least 48 hours notice before requesting an interview.


You can find us through a warren of residential streets west of Gloucester Rd, Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

We pride ourselves on being an active transport culture. This means that both we and the environment love it when people park the car and walk. To fully experience the Urban Food Street neighbourhood we encourage you to park in Gloucester Rd and walk in via Tindale Ave. or Fielding St.  This is a short loop, of flat terrain that will take you about 20 - 25 minutes to walk at an exploratory pace.  

During the hotter months the best time to do this is either early in the morning or in the late part of the afternoon.

A precinct map detailing the location of the tree crops that grow around the neighbourhood is here.  Please feel free to print it as a guide for the walk.