Growing sustainable suburban populations & 

Habitats through design.





Based on the Sunshine Coast, URBAN FOOD STREET™ is an urban design project that pushes the boundaries of suburban living, by redefining the traditional role of the residential street. Seeded in 2009, URBAN FOOD STREET is Australia's only neighbourhood that grows commercial quantities of fresh spray-free, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices on the street edge.

However, it isn't about the food we grow in the street, but rather about creating suburban streets for people to live in that are socially active and engaged, environmentally sustainable, climatically comfortable and aesthetically and functionally rewarding. Streets that promote optimal health and wellbeing in the suburban context by making the act of daily living, healthier.  Put simply URBAN FOOD STREET™ is a proven project model for growing suburban neighbourhoods that people love to live in.

Great urban design is intrinsic to our quality of life and health outcomes. URBAN FOOD STREET™ is inspired by some of the greatest thinkers in urban thought, design and architecture. Ken Maher, Jane Jacobs, Jan Gehl, Vincente Guallart and the body of work by Project for Public Space are just a few. The knowledge and practice wisdom of these thinkers is understood through the implications associated with the world-wide trend towards 'suburbanisation' (people moving to the peripheries of our cities), and enables us to understand the suburban street and its innate potential, differently. Created, funded and implemented independently, URBAN FOOD STREET™, is autonomous from all government, all funding sources and all community-based organisations. This makes us a truly unique project model in the Australian context.


Serious about starting your own URBAN FOOD STREET™? We now offer a professional consultation service both nationally and internationally. 


PropAgate.  GROW.  Nurture.


Love to grow your own street or neighbourhood the URBAN FOOD STREET™ way? Unsure of the rules and regulations specific to your area OR simply wanting information about how you can get your soils tested (free of charge) before you plant?  We've complied an ever-growing resource just for you.








From street to stove, we love a story that follows the lifecycle of the produce that can be found growing on our verges. We've nicknamed the Urban Food Street verges the Street Larder. A pantry of fresh ingredients, evolving seasonally, growing locally and at the disposal of the URBAN FOOD STREET™ neighbourhood.  Most of all we love the organic relationships that form when fresh,  local produce is shared and crafted into delicious tasting food and beverage.  Nothing is more sustaining that knowing that the seasonal produce growing along the verges, is being chopped, cooked and consumed by a collective of people who love the challenge of a creative outcome.  The Street Larder is a celebration of a shared sensibility. A showcase of recipes, a makers collection for cooking beautiful food using the produce that grows on the URBAN FOOD STREET™ verges.



NOV 19  2015     The Golden Goose aka. TURMERIC MILK_The Velo Project

The Golden Goose is brought to you by the creative folk behind 'The Velo Project', Sarah and David Nash.  During the URBAN FOOD STREET™ verge grown turmeric give away, the duo hatched this recipe and served it as a weekend special in their Mooloolaba cafe. The Golden Goose was a golden hit of tasty goodness and you can make it here.                                                        

APR 11  2016    Verge Lime & Coconut Little Cakes_URBAN FOOD STREET™

With summer turning slowly into autumn, the verge grown limes are now plump and juicy.  A morning walk on the verge saw the harvesting of a bucket of beautiful spay free limes.  Our limes are juicy and fragrant and we love the ease and freshness of street to stove, so after the pick we made these delicate little cakes using the best organic ingredients we could find.

MAY 21  2016     Lemon Syrup Cake_Hungry Feel Eating House

As we farewell  the last of this seasons verge grown limes we welcome beautiful lemons.  We caught up with Chris White and Larissa Welch, the dynamic pair behind Hungry Feel Eating House and grabbed their recipe for lemon syrup cake. Local, and the cake sounds familiar? This delicate number is a staple at Hungry Feel.  Turn up any day of the week (except Sunday and Monday when they close for rest, relaxation and a little time in the kitchen garden) and you are bound to find a beautiful big syrup cake sitting proud as punch on the front counter.



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